Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia is the first winery in the region to have a Kryos plant for reductive vinification.

The reductive winemaking process is a complex and very modern technique that allows preserving the varietal aromas of the selected vines, obtaining even more intense and fragrant white and rose wines.

How? Preventing oxidation of wine.

The aim of the reductive vinification is to avoid the contact of the must and wine with oxygen during all stages of production, until bottling. Technically, the pressing temperature is lowered to about 18 ºC, dissolved oxygen is completely removed and the atmosphere saturated with CO2. The addition of gases such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide forms a protective layer on the wine and in the absence of oxygen allows a better extraction of aromas limiting, if not eliminating, the use of sulfur dioxide (in other words sulphites, whose purpose is precisely to protect the wine from oxidation damage). This way the wine meets oxygen only when the bottle of wine is uncorked.

Already widespread in France,the reductive vinification was therefore introduced in Puglia by the Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia. This record testifies to the commitment of the members to keep alive the values of the ancient winemaking tradition, keeping up with progress, taking into account the innovation of winemaking techniques and adhering to the principles of sustainability.

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