Our strength is our history.

The history of our land is intertwined with that of our Cooperative. Men have inhabited the Murgia area since the palaeolithic, and for millennia have farmed this rocky hills with little earth. This is where the roots of our cooperative belong, alongside the deeply held cultural, artistic and gastronomic traditions of our ancestors. The same ancestors who, in the 1960s, decided to free themselves from the power of the landowners to found a cultural project more than an economic one.  So, our cooperative winery, uniting hundreds of local winemakers from Ruvo di Puglia to Castel del Monte, was born.
Strength and cooperation in an area rich in tradition and history.

Our Wines

Where to find us: Our land, our traditions, our passion.

Puglia is dominated by the sea. From the central highlands of Murgia, the land slopes gently down towards the Adriatic and Ionian seas, which provide the fresh evening breeze to sweep away the summer heat which accumulates during the day.  Geologically speaking, the land consists of a layer of Cretaceous limestone some kilometres deep, in which the action of rainwater has created Karst landscape formations, such as deep underground caverns and rivers.
Our vineyards grow on just a few metres of soil, their roots finding their way into the cracks and crevices of the rock below to find water and minerals. The highlands, reaching an altitude of over 600m above sea level, are ideal for growing grapes and the geography of the land allows optimal conditions for wine production. Wine grapes need a lot of sun, a wide temperature range, and limited water rich in minerals.

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