We are tied to our territory by the love for tradition and we are committed to enhancing our cultural heritage. Inspired by this spirit, we present the new labels of four contemporary wines, which were born among the dry stone walls of our districts.

Le Contrade line was conceived with the precise purpose of telling particular “wine anecdotes” of our terroir. Starting from grapes perhaps little known with reference to Alta Murgia, vinified by alternating traditional and modern techniques, we obtain wines that can tell something new and surprising about our “slice of Puglia”.

Squarcione Appassimento Rosso Puglia IGP from Apulian autochthonous grape varieties;

Le Carrare Primitivo Puglia IGP 100% from Primitivo grapes;

Bellagriffi Moscatello Selvatico Puglia IGP 100% from Moscatello Selvatico grapes;

Le Matine Fiano IGP 100% from Fiano grapes.

The restyling of Le Contrade line is inspired by a suggestive scenario: the paths marked by rows of dry walls that “draw” our districts, rural areas with curious names that every day are traveled by workers, inhabitants of the large farms, tourists and lovers of outdoor walks.

The dry stone walls are a living expression of the harmonious bond that has existed for centuries between man and nature, an integral part of the traditions of our rural communities and UNESCO heritage since 2018.

The dry stone walls, composed of stones arranged on top of each other (without the use of any binder), were built to delimit the land, properties, roads, drove roads or terraces. The dry architecture still practiced and handed down, is the identity of the landscape of the Murgia; from the walls derive other typical and peculiar structures such as the so-called caseddi or pagghiari, which were used as shelter, refuge or storage. In turn from these have come to life the most famous trulli.

Le Contrade holds all the flavor of rural tradition, all the flavor of our beloved Puglia whose lands we cultivate and respect with careful and thoughtful work since 1960.