When it comes to choosing a wine, which are the main elements you focus on? Which are the characteristics you take into consideration to select the right bottle to accompany your dishes or uncork in good company?

In this article we want to introduce the varieties of Apulian red wines under Crifo brand (https://www.crifo.it/en/), produced by Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia  (https///it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cantina Ruvo di Puglia ).

It is very important to remember that the whole of Puglia is a region that “descends towards the sea”, and this is especially true for the territory of Castel del Monte. The weather is always sunny but at the same time never tormented by torrid temperatures and calm, this characteristic allows the vineyards to be sprayed and dried by sea breezes. From an oenological point of view, the phenomenon allows to limit the conservative treatments of grapes during ripening to the strict indispensable.

 Here is the top selection of red wines of Puglia, divided by lines, that you can not miss on your  


The Grifone line https://www.crifo.it/en/products/, which embodies the synthesis of the Crifo philosophy, offers red wines (https://www.crifo.it/blog/vino-rosso-o-vino-nero/) with an excellent quality/price ratio and comes in a distinct and attractive packaging.

Castel del Monte Rosso, which boasts the Protected Designation of Origin, is elegant, austere and refined and is produced from the main grape of the area, Nero di Troia, in blend with the Montepulciano variety.  From the same vineyard, but single variety vinification, is produced the Nero di Troia  (https://www.crifo.it/blog/il-vino-da-uve-nero-di-troia-gradation-e-caratteristiche/) a Puglia Protected Geographical Indication which completes the offer of red wines of this line, distributed throughout Italy in the best supermarkets.



This line includes the two top wines, which is to say those ones from black grape varieties which, after having undergone dedicated vinification in small quantities, can express in the glass the best Apulian land is able to offer. Moreover, these are two excellent products with Controlled and Guaranteed Origin, known all over the world and boasting a list of international awards. 

But now let us dwell on the red wine that represents the cru Crifo selection: Augustale Castel del Monte Nero di Troia Riserva DOCG (https///www.crifo.it/blog/se-dici-vino-tannico-dici-nero-di-troia/), because if you say Augustale, you say Apulian red wine.




Squarcione Appassimento Rosso is a Puglia Protected Geographical Indication 100% from Nero di Troia grapes, that expresses the link with the territory already starting from the name of the district in which the grapes are cultivated, cutted and left to dry on the shoots before harvesting. It is a wine that, in its aroma and taste, recalls the peculiarities of the terroir.

Le Carrare Primitivo Puglia Protected Geographical Indication is one of those wines that on the palate is full-bodied, soft and tannic: in other words, very pleasing. Structured and powerful, being very fruity, it releases flavors that recall plums and cherries in spirit, and even blueberry jam, perfectly blended with the spicy notes of the Mediterranean maquis. Its distinctive signs? Its deep red color and its olfactory intensity.



Among the other inevitable red wines of Puglia, we cannot help mentioning two products of the Terre del Crifo line! 

The Terre del Crifo Castel del Monte Red, which boasts the Denomination of Controlled Origin, has a ruby color with vivid violet flashes and intense aromas of blackberries and plums that, almost timidly, are mixed with violet. Not for nothing its taste is velvety, almost silky.

Terre del Crifo Nero di Troia Puglia Protected Geographical Indication has an intense red color and enveloping aromas of red fruits. It comes from the best grapes of one of the most robust and characteristic local vineyards in the area. 



Nero di Troia is one of the most appreciated red wines in Puglia, so much so that it is also proposed in the Bag in Tube format, both in “Black edition” and “Orange edition” (https://www.crifo.it/prodotto/bag-in-tube-blackedit-ner-nero-troia-puglia-igp/) .

It is an innovative 3-litre package, designed both for festive occasions and as a smart solution for long-term consumption. By protecting the wine from oxidation, it offers a greater guarantee on the durability of the organoleptic qualities. Absolutely a must have, for true lovers of red wine of Puglia who love to drink it and share it with many guests in convivial circumstances or sip it day by day, as if it were always just uncorked.

After having deepened the various lines of Crifo, what is the one for you? If in doubt, we recommend that you try them all, by searching the wine shop or the official online shop.