nero di troia

When we talk about red wines, such as Nero di Troia, the best one of Puglia, we often talk about tannins, a characteristic of black berried grapes. But what exactly are tannins? They are polyphenolic compounds, which are molecules present in plants, especially in woody ones. In black berried grapes, tannin is a fundamental component, and it is present both in the skin of the grape, in the pips and in the stalks. The latter, however, as bitter and astringent, are the least valuable.



At the first taste the tannic wine is not immediately appreciated because of that dryness sensation due to the tannins in the mouth and palate, which is often associated, albeit incorrectly, to a bitter taste. Indeed, on the contrary, tannins are a real value, because they improve the organoleptic characteristics of wine.

And it is not just a matter of organoleptic characteristics, the tannins also define the character of the resulting wine. In fact, the sometimes impetuous character of tannic wine is tamed during vinification: for this reason the aging phase of the wine can last from a few months to several years, in steel tanks or in wooden barrels. Thus, even wines that seem to be more aggressive, with the passing of time become softer and assume that tone of elegance.

For tannic wines it is also important to select the vine because, as explained by the sommeliers, “during the vinification, after the grapes are destemmed and pressed, maceration takes place, which helps to extract the tannins from the skins, giving the wine body, complexity and gustatory fullness”. And it is precisely as a result of accurate processes of single variety vinification that Nero di Troia is considered on the market a product of the highest quality, as well as classy, with its golden label.

Speaking of colors, how not to think about that ruby red that characterizes precisely the Nero di Troia. Also this nuance is due to the tannins, which with the passing of time influence the hue of the wine color. So harmoniously balanced for richness and expression, moreover, tannins play a fundamental role in defining the character of the most famous Crifo brand labels produced by Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia (, a long and persistent character, with that spicy flavor and its enveloping aromas of red fruits.


Speaking of red wines of Puglia, in particular of food pairings, Nero di Troia Grifone line – which among other awards boasts for every year high scores by Luca Maroni – can be perfectly matched to fatty or grilled meat and muschiska – the spicy dried meat typical of the north of Bari.

Moreover, Augustale Castel del Monte Nero di Troia Riserva DOCG is considered an absolute champion for its three main characteristics: tannin, acidity and persuasiveness of the grape pulp, which in a mix of blackberry and spices envelop the palate in a harmonious way, conquering it from the first taste.