Vini Puglia Igp: la produzione Crifo

In addition to the important DOP, DOC and DOCG wines, the production of IGP labels by Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia is wide and fundamental.

Unlike DOC and PDO, providing that all stages of production (cultivation, processing and maturation of grapes) are carried out in a specific geographical location, for the IGP, the regulation grants exceptions. In fact, the Procedural Guidelines allow a phase (such as, for example, bottling, in the case of wines) to be carried out in other parts of Italy. 

IGP PUGLIA (also IGT Puglia) is the typical geographical indication “Puglia” reserved for different wines produced from grapes from the production area of Bari and province, BAT (Barletta – Andria – Trani), Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce and Taranto.

This means that under the acronym Indicazione Geografica Protetta Puglia are born white wines, also in the sparkling, overripe grapes and passito; reds, also sparkling, overripe grapes, passito and novello; rosès also  sparkling and new.


Crifo dedicates 13 labels to Puglia IGP, among its different lines: wines produced from autochthonous  and non-native grapes.

Here are the native vines for Cantina Ruvo di Puglia:


Nero di Troia: autochthonous black-berried grape variety typical of the area, takes its name from its high polyphenolic content. The berry has an intense, very dark ruby color. In the last century it became famous and exported bottled even in France. The wine obtained from this vine has an intense ruby red color, a finely tannic taste, austere, spicy with aromas of blackberries and licorice that evolve, over time, into notes of China calissaia.

Crifo’s Puglia IGP wines from Nero di Troia grapes are: 


Bombino Bianco: a native Apulian grape characterized by low vigor but good productivity. Vinified alone, it produces a straw-yellow wine with a rich and pleasant aroma and a slightly mineral taste, with hints of almonds, anise and a hint of apricot and tropical fruits.

The Igp Puglia wines from Bombino Bianco Crifo are:


Moscatello selvatico: another interesting Apulian grape in the area of Ruvo di Puglia. It has a medium-small, orbicular, tri or pentalobate leaf screw, with a conical-cylindrical medium-sized bunch. The berry is medium-large, with a bright green skin with a good consistency. It is a distinctly sweet aromatic grape variety. The resulting wine is straw-yellow in color, with a fragrant and musky flavor. The taste is fresh, delicate and typically aromatic. 


The other Crifo branded Puglia IGP wines are:

Primitivo Puglia Igp Le Carrare – 100%  Primitivo from selected vineyards in the territory of Ruvo di Puglia, on the limestone hills of Alta Murgia.