The only area in which a man and a woman typically agree on the nuances of colors, is definitely the wine sector. Although it is well known that men have much more difficulty in distinguish the different shades of color than women, this evidence can be valid in every field and sector of life excluded when it comes to wine. Yes, because in this case, whether it is a woman or a man, in front of a glass of wine, a passionate or aspiring sommelier can very well distinguish the various shades of white, red and rosé. 

Let’s concentrate now only on the red, or rather, on the Nero di Troia shades of red, one of the oldest and most characteristic vines of Puglia. 

Nero di troia: shades of red

The Nero di Troia grape is the fruit of the authochtonous black grape variety of Puglia.  The name “Nero di Troia” comes from its high polyphenolic charge, responsible for such an intense red wine, whose color seems “black”. 

Although the name suggests a provenance from the city of Troy, the vine is mostly cultivated near Castel del Monte, in the provinces of Barletta-Andria-Trani in Northern Puglia.

Although initially it was mainly used as a basis for the strengthening of weaker grape varieties, conferring color, structure and alcohol, it has begun to receive greater attention since the first prestigious wines made from Nero di Troia single variety appeared on the market. 

Nero di Troia is a vine that has very particular characteristics and is, so to speak, loved and hated at the same time by winemakers, especially for its high tannins. The result is a wine that needs a specific aging process before being marketed and does not disdain long stays in wood. 

Crifo and Nero di Troia single variety

The wines from Nero di Troia are the strong point of Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia, and could not be otherwise as the symbol par excellence of its terroir. In the Crifo selection, in particular, we find four labels made from 100% Nero di Troia grapes: four wines with a common temperament, different in character, unique in personality. Let’s meet them up close.

Augustale Castel del Monte Nero di Troia Riserva DOCG

 Sumptuous, precious, aristocratic. A skilful vinification gives life to this wine with the same color as a precious ruby.  The aging in barrique for at least 12 months gives aromas of red fruits and woody notes.  

Deep and impenetrable red color. Its exuberant character reveals an unparalleled olfactory intensity. The taste of the alcohol and the velvety texture of the tannins balance an intense freshness, passe-partout for a long life in the bottle. The finish is long with balsamic and toasted notes. 


Terre del Crifo Nero di Troia Puglia IGP

Intense and enveloping, spicy flavor, soft, which is characterized by the great structure of the tannins harmoniously balanced for richness and expression.

Ruby red color with vermilion nuances. Cherries and blak cherries stand out among the ripe red fruits. The smooth tannins and the strong freshness interpret the balance and character of this wine that ends long and persistent, with a delicate balsamic note.


Squarcione Appassimento Rosso Puglia IGP

Well-rounded, elegant, with a good body. This wine comes from a selection of dried Nero di Troia grapes. It has a wide and complex olfactory range that evolves pleasingly in the glass.

Dark and concentrated red color. The round and persuasive taste expresses noble tannins, while the vitality of the freshness that follows the tasting reveals the terroir to which this wine belongs.

Grifone Nero di Troia Puglia IGP

This seductive and intriguing wine has a strong personality, made from grapes of great character without compromise. Elegant floral scent of violet just withered.  

Intense red color. Blackberries, blueberries and black cherry intertwine with the typical notes of cinchona and graphite of the grape while, in the background, spices, undergrowth and tobacco appear. Warm taste and vigorous tannic texture. The finish is persistent with fruity and toasty notes.