grado alcolico

According to market surveys, carried out in recent years, it has emerged that the average consumer, faced with an increasing supply of wine bottles on supermarket shelves, if it lacks the skills needed to distinguish one quality product from another, it chooses according to the packaging. Bottle, label, color, information. Not only, therefore, Mr. John Doe stops seemingly but also lets himself be influenced, obviously unconsciously.

One of the characteristics that is taken into account, when purchasing a bottle of wine, is the alcohol content. This is especially true when we observe the target of the younger ones who interpret a high value as a high probability of being able to “have fun” (with the risk of being disappointed, because understanding a wine label still requires a minimum of notions).

But what exactly does the number preceding the “%” symbol in the label mean?

The alcohol content: definition

The alcohol content represents the volume of alcohol, expressed in milliliters, contained in a deciliter of a given beverage. Also called alcohol content, it represents the number of parts in volume of pure alcohol contained in 100 parts in volume of the product, at the temperature of 20 °C. For this reason it is expressed as “ABV” (alcohol by volume) followed by a percentage “%”.

The alcohol content: taste

After reading and understanding it, let’s see how to taste it. Alcohol, on the palate, immediately gives a feeling of warmth that enhances the softness of the wine. If the wine is well balanced, the scent is that of enveloping, harmonious and well integrated, with both the structure and the body of the beverage itself. 

It is necessary to keep in mind that the immediate perception of alcohol on the palate depends on how much the alcoholic component is in balance with the other components of the wine and not on the high value in itself of the alcoholic content. This means that there are wines which, despite having a relatively high rate like 13%, when tasted do not appear “alcoholic” as acidity, structure, body and tannins are perfectly balanced (inserire link in inglese de il-vino-da-uve-nero-di-troia-gradazione-e-caratteristiche/).

The alcohol content is 13: two examples made in Puglia and Abruzzo

This is the case of Terre del Crifo Nero di Troia (, the red wine of Puglia par excellence. It is the third wine bastion of the region, grown on the limestone hills of Murgia, from the best grapes of one of the most robust and characteristic local vineyards of the area. With its intense red color it has an alcohol content of 13%, perfect for a dinner with friends, grilled meat paired with autumn flavors.

A wine with such characteristics is certainly Montepulciano d’Abruzzo DOC, with its balanced taste, a slight sensation of tobacco and an average alcohol content of 13%. The palate is balanced, thanks to its pronounced but at the same time harmonious tannins. Also this red wine perfectly pairs with red meat and seasoned and salted cheeses, excellent for cold periods.