vino nero di troia

If someone still thinks that buying wine is always and only the man, well, we can say that he is greatly mistaken. In fact, the percentage of women who choose and buy wine to drink, both at home and at the restaurant, has increased in recent times and is constantly growing. This is why we decided to turn to them, certain that to celebrate International Women’s Day, together with friends, sisters or colleagues, in a physical or virtual way, they will surely allow themselves a good bottle of wine.

The world of Women Wine is well established, not only in Italy but internationally.  The women sommeliers, winemakers, producers, wine bloggers, are not only numerous but also very demanding.

At Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia we recognize the value of women in the world of wine and it is not by chance that we have already talked about the so-called feminine wines, underlining how this expression has never been less true. As a direct testimony we can say that the meeting of women with Crifo wines has always been very special and has denied every popular belief.

Who said women don’t like red wines? Just think that our red wine Augustale Castel del Monte Nero di Troia Riserva DOCG has been awarded the double-gold medal at the prestigious “SAKURA JAPAN WOMEN’S WINE AWARDS“, an all-female international event that has awarded more than one of our labels.

Women’s Day with a vintage sparkling wine

Free choice between white and rosé, but when it comes to celebrating bubbles are still bubbles. On the occasion of the International Women’s Day we suggest a toast all in pink with the freshest sparkling  vintage wines Crifo.

What does vintage mean? In the case of special vintages, as happened on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia foundation, some producers decide to use exclusively grapes of the same vintage for new wines. Therefore, the same vine and the same vintage are the conditions for technically speaking vintage sparkling wine.

The line of Cryfus bubbles is characterized by distinctive aromas and flavors, the result of native Apulian vines and production methods that combine tradition and innovation, perfect for big occasions.

For those who will celebrate with an aperitif or choose a good to-go sushi, we suggest the Cryfus 60 Edition Castel del Monte DOP White Extra Dry Vintage. We are talking about a Charmat Method sparkling wine made 100% from Bombino Bianco grapes, with a dry taste and a balanced and harmonious acidity.

From Bombino Nero single variety, instead, is made Cryfus 60 Edition Castel del Monte DOP Rosè Extra Dry Vintage, alter ego of the previous label. For those who have not yet decided how to celebrate, it will always be useful to keep in the fridge a bottle of bubbles that we could define a solution, with an intense scent and pleasant fruity notes of raspberry.