The long-lasting great commitment, that the cooperative winery Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia expresses in the field of sustainability, has been rewarded by the certification of “Sustainable Winery”, according to the international standard EQUALITAS SOPD, awarded by the DNV Qualified Certification Body.

What is Equalitas certification

The Equalitas is a Certification of Sustainability evaluated on an ethical-social, environmental and economic scale, following a severe path of adjustments and verifications, carried out over the past six months, under the supervision of the independent body DNV. The “founders” of the initiative are: Federdoc (the Confederation of Consortia for the protection of the Italian wine DOC), Csqa Certificazioni and Valoritalia (two of the leading organizations for the certifications in the wine sector), Gambero Rosso Foundation, 3A Vino.

What Equalitas Certification means for our cooperative winery

For Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia the sustainability is a value to believe in and for which it’s worth to work seriously, but above all a way of making a cooperative.

Sustainable products only come from a sustainable Company, attentive to its workers, to the impact on the environment and to the relations with the territory, since today’s consumers make their own purchasing and consumption choices in an increasingly conscious way.

The principles of the sustainability concept are the protection and safeguard of the territory, the careful control of resources and respect for fundamental human rights . This finds expression in every step of our supply chain, from the correct management of crops to distribution, through harvesting, vinification and bottling. Tradition and innovation firmly intertwines to address the next generations and guarantee them a future that is undoubtedly better and indisputably sustainable.

A sustainable winery future-oriented

The main goals we aim to reach every single day are to face the environmental challenges and carry out the most advanced solutions in order to reduce to lower terms the impact of the cooperative on the territory. It is necessary to ensure a safe working environment for the members, workers and suppliers, keeping a transparent and sound relationship of coexistence between the winery and the local community. We commit ourselves to respect all these principles with determination and perseverance.

The Certification is only the confirmation of a path that goes towards the right direction, sometimes uphill, that recognizes Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia as a Sustainable Winery, according to standards that reflect the sensitivity now widespread internationally, and motivates us to do better in terms of environmental health and social welfare.

Every year the achieved goals will be shared in a transparent way, through the drafting of a specific Sustainability Report, which can be consulted by all stakeholders.

 Download the Sustainable Winery Certificate