Toast to Valentine’s Day with the best Apulian wines 

On the 14th of February every year, the festival of love celebrates the passion and feeling that binds two people. A day to exchange sweets and fresh flowers, maybe to meet for dinner with a special bottle of wine. 

How do you choose the right wine? There is plenty of choice and, even if you want to stay within the borders of a single region of Italy, how to orient themself, for example, among the best Apulian wines? Can we assume that to toast to a particularly intense and deep bond, it is necessary to uncork a bottle that is equally “important” (and expensive)? And how to behave then when it comes to newly blossomed loves? And when you still do not know the tastes of the partner and neither can act like a sommelier or wine connoisseur? 

What is meant by “ruffian” wine and “feminine” wine

When you prepare a date, like a dinner on Valentine’s Day, the moment of the toast is part of those phases to organize properly. How do you not risk? By hearsay the solution should be simple: just choose a so-called “ruffian wine”. 

What are we talking about? In the common language are defined as “ruffian” wines all those wines that, for their simple and balanced organoleptic characteristics, meet the taste of all the palates. Sometimes these are also defined as “feminine” wines, as in most cases they are very soft and relatively sweet, capable of seducing even not accustomed palates or the ones which do not normally like the nectar of Bacchus.

In this perspective, the kind of feminine wine par excellence has always been rosé, especially sparkling, because it is typically more fruity and light, but also because of the pink color typically associated with women. Of course we can say that it is not possible to define any wine as “feminine” or “masculine”

Crifo wines made from Bombino Nero and Nero di Troia grapes preferred by women

Today, among the great wine experts, there are many female names: why not to take inspiration from the evaluations of these professionals, and “steal” some valuable advice to toast on Valentine’s Day?
In 2014 Yumi Tanabe, a worldwide known great professional and connoisseur of wines, created the prestigious “Sakura Japan Women’s Wine Award” giving rise to the first international wine competition, judged exclusively by women, in Japan. To date, the prizes awarded by Tanabe form the largest and most important wine competition in Asia, with over 4,000 participating labels from all around the world, and thanks to other national and international events that have taken inspiration from this, women are defining a new point of view on the selection criteria for white, red and rosé wines.
Among the wines preferred by women, in the light of the awards obtained during the Sakura Japan Womens Wine Awards, we point out some Crifo labels, both rosé and red, with the invitation to taste them on a special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day.
Starting with rosé, the all-female jury awarded the gold medal to Cryfus Easy Sparkling Wine Rosè Extra Dry , made from 100% autochthonous Bombino Nero cultivars, selected among 4,333 labels from all over the world.
Going on with the Crifo’s red wines, the Gold Medal was awarded to the Grifone Nero di Troia Puglia IGP,  while the Augustale Castel del Monte Nero di Troia Riserva DOCG was even awarded the Double Gold medal. These results are anything but banal, because they concern two wines made from 100% Nero di Troia, a grape variety that is hardly associated to a female target. But here’s the surprise (for those who have never tasted the mentioned labels, of course): on the one hand the trends in the consumption of wines are evolving towards more sought-after products, on the other hand the best wineries are able to successfully present to the general public even the fruits of vines that are anything but “ruffians”.