Vini pugliesi: il miglior regalo di Natale!

As every year, when Christmas is coming, all you can think about is gifts, parties, lunches and dinners to organize with friends and relatives. This year’s Christmas is certainly unique, and in many respects it will be and will remain unforgettable. Given its peculiarity, the traditions, the affection of the family and the conviviality will most likely be re-evaluated as never before. 

One thing is certain, we cannot escape the gifts to give to the people we care about. Every year we grind our brains out to find something that makes the recipient happy. For this very special year here at Cantina Ruvo di Puglia we have decided to give our contribution with some suggestions for those who, like us, are lovers of wine and sharing.

Let’s start from the assumption that a bottle of good wine remains the perfect gift for wine lovers – and not only. As for every gift, it would be better to know the preferences of the recipient but, if it were not so, you can always rely on the great classics of wine tradition that will always be appreciated.

What wines are we talking about? Of course the best Apulian wines!  

Specifically, we would like to suggest our piece de resistance, wines made from pure Nero di Troia grapes. An always-winning classic, especially if paired with succulent dishes of the Holidays! 

Nero di Troia wine is becoming one of the protagonists of Apulian enology and of all southern Italy: in particular it represents one of the symbols of authenticity and territorial identity of Puglia. 

There are four Crifo wines made from 100% Nero di Troia grapes, three with Protected Geographical Indication and one with Protected Designation of Controlled and Guaranteed Origin Riserva:

Augustale Castel del Monte Nero di Troia Riserva DOCG

Terre del Crifo Nero di Troia Puglia IGP

– Squarcione Appassimento Rosso Puglia IGP

– Grifone Nero di Troia Puglia IGP

It is a selection of highest quality wines, from the best grapes of one of the most robust and characteristic native vines of our area. Those who taste it are inevitably won over!

Not only bottled Apulian wines. 

We would never have imagined saying this, but on some occasions a bottle of wine is “not enough”. Sometimes because we toast in many (or there is a lot to toast to), sometimes because the recipient of our gift loves to consume his wines so sparingly as to forget that an uncorked bottle can not last forever (without ruining its contents irremediably). 

In all these cases, as well as at Christmas, we can still give an excellent Nero di Troia wine to our loved ones simply surpassing the concept of the classic bottle with an original alternative. Which one? A Bag in Tube Crifo!

It is a 3-liter package with dispenser, characterized by an elegant packaging in two alternative colors, “Black Edition” e “Orange Edition”, particularly suitable for long holiday days such as Christmas, both for the quantity of wine it contains and because it prevents oxidation over time, thanks to its technological peculiarities. 

Therefore, in addition to giving an elegant and representative wine of our land of Puglia, we have the plus of a format that tastes like celebration and abundance.


Wine lovers are many, some make their love a profession, for others wine represents the discovery of a territory, an enveloping perfume, an experience of conviviality and sharing. Whatever the level of knowledge of wine, a Christmas theme gift is always impressive, both on the professional and on the simple enthusiast.  

Wine and training

Does anyone dream of becoming a sommelier? Why not gift him a training course or a tasting experience? For a wine lover there is nothing better than deepening their knowledge, even on the occasion of Christmas. And if the perfect gift is, in essence, the excellent wine chosen and illustrated by qualified sommeliers, how does such a sought-after gift present itself to the dear recipient? Perhaps attaching an invitation to a bottle of one of the best white wines of Puglia: the Crifo  Bellagriffi” Moscatello Selvatico Puglia IGP. It is made from 100% Moscatello Selvatico grapes, grown in the countryside of Ruvo di Puglia at the Contrada Bellagriffi, from which the label takes its name.  Why precisely this wine? Because it is present in the selections that the Associazione Italiana Sommelier Puglia prepares for the classes dedicated to its members. In particular, the AIS delegation in the Murge region is planning to taste it in several meetings as well as in the study classes of its aspiring sommeliers.

One of the plus of these meetings is the participation of the author of the “Bellagiffi”, the winemaker of Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia, Massimo Tripaldi, Vicepresident of Assoenologi Italia. He is a great expert of the territory and of the same productive reality of which he is also Technical Manager.


A wine-themed gift is appreciated 365 days a year: we will return to talk about how to surprise wine lovers not only on the occasion of the Christmas holidays.