On the occasion of its first 60 years of history, the Cantina di Ruvo di Puglia pays homage to the brand Crifo of a national television campaign.

From 3 to 9 May Crifo will present the main programs of the RAI1 schedule, the national flagship network.
The goal is to promote the association between the brand Crifo and the Nero di Troia wine to the general television audience by entering the homes of Italians who are writing a new page of history.

The planning foresees a billboard to be on air at the opening and closing of the following transmissions:

Airing Sunday, May 3rd (6:31 AM – 9:34 AM) and Saturday, May 9th (8:26 AM – 10:39 AM)
During the Sunday day of Rai1 there is a record audience for“ Uno mattina in famiglia”.

Airing Sunday, May 3rd (1:56 PM – 5:24 PM)
Domenica in“ has recorded a 17.4% share, equal to 3 million 829 thousand spectators (source Auditel Sunday 5 April 2020).

Airing Thursday, May 7th (9:31 PM – 11:22 PM)
The new Rai1 fiction “Live and let live“, with Elena Sofia Ricci, made its debut as a listening champion, recording 7,126,000 viewers and a 26% share.

Airing Sunday, May 3rd (12:21 AM – 1:24 PM) and Saturday, May 9th (11:50 AM – 1:24 PM)
Linea Verde” is followed on average by 3 million 700 thousand spectators, equal to a 23.5% share.